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            1. Limei Cosmetics Co., Ltd.|利美化妝品【官網】

              Company profile

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              Zhejiang Yiwu Limei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. located in Yiwu City Zhejiang province China. Limei found in 1993 aiming to offer best ODM/OEM service to customers world wide! Limei hold 20,000 square meters building area, 300 workers in total, including 10 qualified QC and 20 professional R & D personnel. Limei products completely meet European (EEC) and American (FDA) standard. Factory has ISO22716 certificate and also passed SGS and BV human rights audit. Limei’s market shares are European 30%, America 50%, Middle East & Africa 10%, and Asia Pacific 10%. Main customers like Disney, Hello Kitty, Claire’s, Walgreens etc. 

              Limei believes quality control is the core of the company; starting from R & D process, all new formulation will conduct safety evaluation; Stability test; Heat & cold resistant test and preservative challenge test. Raw Material safety control includes: selecting raw material from well-known professional cosmetic grade material suppliers, brands like Kahl、Suncamical,Sensient,Cognis, Dow Corning, Durlin, Sasol, Basf, CPL; must have MSDS,COA,TDS reports assuring meet the international quality standard; all raw materials will take micro and heavy metal test before production. 

              Limei holds large cosmetics production capacity, such as lipstick 3 million Units per month; Lip gloss 2 million Units per month; Eye shadow 1 million Units per month; Mascara & Eyeliner 1 million Units per month; Foundation 1 million Units per month 

              Limei's equipment and working ability is well-accepted by its customers. It has 2 lipstick full-automatic production lines; 2 lipstick semi-automatic production lines; full-automatic Aluminum plate filling line; lip gloss semi-automatic production lines; Mascara semi-automatic production lines; full-automatic packing machine, 5 semi-automatic shrinking machine; 2 full-automatic Labeling machine, full automatic powder pressed machine.

              MAIN FIGURES:

              Total people: 300

              R&D: 10

              QC: 10

              Production Capability:

              Lipstick: 3 million Units per month

              Eye shadow: 1 million Units per month

              Mascara & Eyeliner: 1 million Units per month

              Foundation: 1 million Units per month

              Lead time: 45-60 days

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